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Lee County 3rd Grade Embryology Program

3rd Grade Embryology Project Lee County


4-H Embryology School Enrichment is a program offered through Lee County 4-H and the North Carolina Cooperative Extension. The mission of 4-H Embryology School Enrichment program is to provide high quality experiential learning opportunities. The 4-H Embryology School Enrichment Program addresses many of the Public Schools 3rd grade science and math competency-based curriculum objectives.


  • Increase student knowledge through hands on learning opportunities in areas of science and math
  • Provide experiential learning in the incubation, hatching and brooding of chicks
  • Students will demonstrate skills and knowledge mastered from this experience


Trained teachers will facilitate the 4-H Embryology Program in third grade classrooms. Instructions will be given on pre-hatch, incubation and post-hatch procedures during the scheduled training session on Tuesday, April 21st at 4:00 p.m.. Third grade students will study the formation, early growth and development of chicken in their eggs. Each classroom will receive chicken eggs, an incubator, teacher’s curriculum, and a thermometer. Within 48 hours after hatching, the birds will be collected. An evaluation will also be given to help determine the benefits of the program.


The Embryology Training will be held on Tuesday, April 21st at 4:00 p.m. at the McSwain Extension Center located at 2420 Tramway Road. The training is free of charge, and each teacher will receive all of the necessary information and supplies at the training. Our plan is to have the eggs ready to pass out to you on the day of the training. Please call 775-5624 to register for the project (or online.) We look forward to working with everyone this year and hope to see you at the training!