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Jun 26 Wed
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Jun 27 Thu
Dalrymple Dance Building 2 days away
Jun 28 Fri
5 days away
Jul 1 Mon
McSwain Extension Education and Agriculture Center McSwain Extension Education and Agriculture Center Lee County Center 1 week away
Jul 4 Thu
Dalrymple Dance Building 1 week away
Jul 5 Fri
Mc swain Extension Education and Agriculture Center Mc swain Extension Education and Agriculture Center Lee County Center 1 week away
Jul 6 Sat
2 weeks away
Jul 8 Mon
2 weeks away
Jul 9 Tue
2 weeks away
Jul 10 Wed
2 weeks away
Jul 11 Thu
2 weeks away
Jul 11 Thu
2 weeks away
Jul 12 Fri
Dalrymple Dance Building 2 weeks away
Jul 12 Fri

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Lee County North Carolina Cooperative Extension

McSwain Center Policies and Procedures

The McSwain Extension Education and Agriculture Center is available. Lee County Farm Bureau Auditorium Contact us for: Policies and Procedures / Facility …

2 young dancers in Latino Costume

More Than Meets the Eye

The homemade costumes are striking as bright and bold colored fabrics swirl around these young and smiling faces on …

Summer Heat on Plants

Summer is quickly approaching and so is the North Carolina summer heat. Ensuring your plants are healthy and happy …

Home Irrigation

While walking with a blueberry grower a few weeks back, we stopped at a young blueberry shrub with dramatic …

Understanding Tomato Varieties

Tomatoes are easily the most popular crop grown in home vegetable gardens (though the part we eat is most …

Smoothies 101

Written by: Nicole Nuccio, Dietetic Intern With the hot weather and the busyness of summer approaching, it can be difficult …

Pickling Cucumbers

Climbing Cucumbers

Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) has been grown and bred for centuries. It is mentioned in the Bible and in …

Cover photo for Strawberry Disorders

Strawberry Disorders

Sun shining, temperatures soaring which can only mean it’s mid-spring and strawberry season is in eastern North Carolina! It’s …


The Importance of Bats

Set aside the spooky Halloween tales. In reality, bats serve as important pollinators of many food plants and provide …

Youth working on a circuit

Summer Learning Loss

As the world is greening up our thoughts are turning to summer and summer vacation. Programs all around Lee …

Cover photo for Earth Day

Earth Day

April 22 was Earth Day, and was a great opportunity to remind us that plants are good for the …

Rose Rosetta Disease

Rose Rosette Disease

Rose rosette is a viral disease that has been increasingly common on many rose species and cultivars in North …

Cover photo for Seed Starting

Seed Starting

March 21 is behind us. It’s officially spring! Some warmer days and still cold nights, so it still may not …

Reduced Fruit Yield

We’re in sight of full-blown spring, which means steady, warming temperatures, an explosion of plant growth, and dreams of …

Cluster of Tomatoes

Trouble Growing Tomatoes?

Trouble Growing Tomatoes When: Saturday, April 13, 2019 Time: 11 a.m. until noon Where: Broadway Hardware & Supply 305 N. Main Street Broadway, NC …

NCSU Plant Picture

Geocaching Fun - Into the Woods

Geocaching Fun When: Saturday, April 6, 2019 Time: 1–3 p.m. Where: San Lee Park 572 Pumping Station Rd. Sanford, NC 27330 Would you like to discover and …

Carolina Cickadee Bird

Gardening for the Birds

Continued expansion of housing developments is reducing and degrading habitats for native species, but your garden can provide valuable …

Marigolds & tomatoes

Tomatoes and Marigolds

Growing up we always planted marigolds in with our tomatoes. This practice was folklore wisdom that got handed down …