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Lee County 4-H Public Speaking School Enrichment Program


4-H Presentations are a huge part of North Carolina 4-H. It is one of the most successful way to help a young person learn how to do a public speech. It focuses on members teaching others what they know about a particular project/subject matter. They are sometimes called demonstrations or illustrated talk or a formal speech. This program is for virtual programming. With creativity we can support your classroom as restrictions are ever changing. We look forward to working with you to encourage Lee County Youth to be their best selves.


  • Teaches life skills.
  • Increase public speaking skills
  • Increase self confidence
  • Increase knowledge & interest in a certain subject matter


  1. Kicking and Screaming Public Speaking Presentation given by a 4-H Professional
  2. Presentation Topic Selection Assistance – This can be based on other lessons in your current schedule.
  3. Practice presentations or speeches in the classroom or via meeting software to prepare for the 4-H County Presentation Day in the spring (we call this County Activity Day)
  4. Evaluation Rubric Provided
  5. Invitation to present in front of judges on our spring County Activity Day. Our judges provide feedback encouraging youth to adjust their projects and compete at the District 4-H Competition. In 2020 this was via uncut recordings.

All 4-H Curriculum employs the experiential learning model, encouraging self discovery, reflection, and application to other areas in life. Evaluations are important for impact reporting and most 4-H curriculum have brief but required pre and post tests to measure results.

experiential chart


No training required


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