Young Commissioners: “A Family Full of Laughter and Success”

— Written By

Written by Suzy Brito

On June 29, 2017, I found myself sitting at a venue amongst some of my fellow Young Commissioners. Everyone was so excited, yet so nervous because we were going to be giving a 5 minute speech to some of the most influential leaders within our community, Sanford, North Carolina. Prior to this luncheon 11 other young commissioners, and myself were interviewed to be the new cadets of the Lee County Young Commissioners, a 4-H Club. Once accepted we went through a two-week program that gave us the tools necessary to gain leadership skills, public
speaking skills and a better understanding of our local government.

Being able to be part of a 4-H Club, LCYC, has entitled me to explore the idea of what it means to be a leader, and have a better idea of what is happening throughout my community. I have not only grown as a person but as well as a leader within our community. I would have never imagined the amount of influential people that I would have encountered, and the new doors that would open for me. I can’t believe that I am part of the LCYC Board or that I have given speeches to several different organizations. This would not have been possible without
being a part of the Lee County Young Commissioners.

Through the Lee County Young Commissioners I have had several unforgettable
experiences that I have grown and learned from. This past year I had the opportunity to lead a college workshop for club members within our club. I was able to get three different speakers to talk about the process, experience, loans and scholarship availability within college. In addition, I was able to start an internship with a non-profit organization called United Way. I am their social media manager. I assist some of their events to take pictures, post about certain events that are occurring and help with technology projects. These two different experiences have allowed me to keep growing not only within the 4-H world but are helping me prepare for the future.

These are only some of the experiences that have had a huge effect within my life this past year. I continuously gain learning experiences through a family full of laughter and success. The Lee County Young Commissioners has become a family that has helped me gain the confidence to use my voice for those who are afraid, and continuously gives me the tools to become successful. I am very grateful for these experiences because I know that it’s the opening keys to a successful future.

by Suzy Brito, Young Commissioners 4-H Club Member and Leader