Believe in Ourselves, the Value of Goal Setting

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January is the time of year for resolutions and a good opportunity for goal setting. A resolution is a decision to make a permanent life change. This is different from a goal, which has a clear achievement or desired result and a measurable outcome. Well-written goals help point us in the direction of our destination, fuel our ambition, allow us to hold ourselves accountable, and help us get the most out of the upcoming year. Goals should contain the following parts; what we are doing, how we will do it, and when we are going to do it.

What are we going to do? Create a plan for our life. Goals should be set in all areas like hobbies, career, family, social, or school. What does the result look like when we have met this goal? Is there anything we would like to learn more about or learn to do better? Remember any last year’s goals that are still in process. A good brainstorming session will give us new inspiration necessary to aim for things we never thought possible.

If we want to get the most out of 2019, how will we do it? The act of setting goals naturally requires us to identify needs, resources, and skills. What is our timetable? We will determine attainable short-term goals and deadlines that will get us to our main objective, our long-term focus. A final completion date that will hold us accountable is important as are numerous short-term completion dates or milestones to keep us striving towards the ideal. Exercising intentional goal setting is often the best way to succeed.

Goal setting is relevant to both youth and adults. It is one of the many life skills a young person can develop and acquire while participating in 4-H. By specifically acknowledging where we want to be and what we want to accomplish we can more easily work toward a long-term vision with the added benefit of short-term motivation. Lee County 4-Hers were encouraged in December to write down their 2019 goals. Each month they will be invited to evaluate their progress and re-assess their goals. By December, they will have a record of their 2019 accomplishments. If you want to join us in this goal setting process check out our website for tools that might help.