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Lee County 4-H Club Leader Paperwork Guide

This is a list of the paperwork due to the Lee County office by January 15 of each year to continue to be a club in good standing. **Please submit for your club as soon as possible**

If you have any questions please contact Lee County 4-H at 919-775-5624 or email Pam Kerley:

Club Roster

Lee County 4-H will print this out and place it in your file on the paperwork deadline, February 15th. Encourage your members to confirm their membership at 4hOnline before this date.

Six Month Plan of Work

Use this form to submit your plan for the club year:

6 Month Plan worksheet or Google Form Plan worksheet

**for 2021 this is an estimate of what you think you might do in the first 6 months. If you are not meeting d/t covid then say so on the form.**

Chartering Information

Charter application or Google Form Charter application

Re-charter or Emerald Seal Re-charter

FYI 2020 leader meeting opportunities were: State Meeting Feb, Any of the virtual Volunteer Meetings offered by our state or other states, Virtual District Fall meeting in November, County re-opening training meeting in November, 1:1 trainings/meetings with Bill Stone or Pam Kerley, or any of the Teen Council Meetings you may have attended.

All Reasonable Effort Affirmative Action

The affirmative action form must be signed by 4-H Club volunteers recognizing every effort has been made to include all youth. The Lee County Office will provide you with the form specific to your club via the mailbox system or at the year-end volunteer leader meeting.

**Once I get your officer lists I will send 2021 forms via email to you and your officers for digital signatures**

Permission to use the Clover

You must agree to the Emblem Use Guidelines and apply to use the Emblem every program year.

  1. Look over the rules for using the clover.
  2. Application or Google Form Application

Club of the Year Application

The club with the most “yes” answers will be the club of the year. Only activities from January 1 through December 31 can be counted. A club may win club of the year more than once. The club of the year will receive $100 for their club treasury and their name will go on a plaque that will be displayed at North Carolina Cooperative Extension, Lee County Center. If a tie occurs, each club will receive $50. If there is a question raised about an answer, the club leader will have to provide documentation. For example: if you say that you added new members to your club and the 4-H agent has not received enrollment cards for new members, then there is a reason to question.

Club of Year Form or Club of the Year Google Form

Clubs with Checking Accounts Only

Tax Exemption Authorization


990efile Postcard Printed login

4-H Financial Responsibility Leader Acknowledgement


Treasurer’s Notebook

Treasurer’s Notebook


The Audit sheets are in the Treasurer’s Notebook.

Articles of Organization

Form to update each year as needed

Section B is for Bill so leave that blank

For more information, see the Forms, Guidelines, and Procedures page.