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2021 4-H Electric Project

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The 4-H Electric Program is an informal hands-on youth program conducted by the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service and its professional 4-H agents and volunteer adult leaders located in all 100 counties and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. Youth learn about the fundamentals of electricity and magnetism, renewable energy technologies, and energy conservation. Youth learn many life skills while participating in this program, but also generate more enthusiasm for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).


4-H ages 10-18 as of January 2021 | Participation in this 3-step program is voluntary at any step and free but you must be enrolled in Lee County 4-H to register. Enrollment will begin January 18 and as soon as your enrollment is approved you may order one of the following kits:

  • Simple Kit – Intro to Electricity and Circuits
  • Project Book Kit– Includes the simple kit with the addition of the level 1 electric project books. Choose this option if you intend to complete your first Electric Project Book this year.
  • Soldering Kit – Includes the simple kit, the level 1 project book, the 2020 4-H Electric Program Soldering Kit, and solder to make a plant-soil monitor. You will need soldering experience and a 9-volt battery to be successful with this kit. If you need to borrow our soldering iron and de-soldering tool please indicate when you order this kit. We will provide a class on soldering during the summer electric project workshop.
  • Bristle Bot Kit – Includes all supplies needed to make a mini-robot.

Be sure to take photos and write about your progress and experience for the project record book.


Participation in STEP 1 will give you early registration access to our summer fun camp (STEP 2 of our electric program). If we are able to proceed with camp, Summer fun participants will receive an electric program tools kit including a soldering iron. At the end of this 3-day camp, youth will have completed a wiring project, soldering project, and have attended a program at the local electric co-op. This camp will cost $10. I will provide photos of the experience for your project record book.


Complete a Project Record Book

4-H ages 11-18 as of January 2022 | We select 4-H youth to attend Electric Congress based on the previous year’s projects. If you participate in the 2021 Electric Project Book Competition you will have a chance to attend the 4-H Electric Congress in April of 2022 with all expenses paid. Two 4-H members with the best electric project record books from each county that have not previously attended Electric Congress more than once will be selected to attend as a county delegate. You can only attend Electric Congress as a county delegate twice. You MUST complete a current electric project book and answer these questions to be selected.

  1. What Electric Project activities did you complete during the past year (electric kit, curriculum books, renewable energy projects, home electric projects, etc.)?
  2. List three things that you learned.
  3. List three things that you accomplished in doing these activities.