Lee County 4-H Is Set to Pilot a New NC Curriculum to Homeschoolers

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From the Curriculum Specialists:

Energy makes our world go round. We use energy for everything we do, from riding a bike to sending astronauts into space. Even while sleeping, the cells in our bodies use energy to keep us alive. We use energy to operate our computers, turn on our lights, keep our refrigerators operating, heat our homes in the winter, and cool them in the summer. However, we often take for granted the flow of energy and the critical role that energy sources play in our lives. This curriculum focuses on helping youth consider where energy comes from and the differences between renewable and nonrenewable energy sources. 

Bioenergy: Farm-Based Fuels is designed to engage middle school aged-youth in understanding that natural, nonrenewable resources for energy are being depleted at an increasing rate and that renewable energy sources (solar, wind, geothermal, and water power) may offer positive solutions to the ongoing demand for energy and related concerns and impacts on our planet.

Youth will explore bioenergy and sources of biomass while conducting a variety of hands-on activities. These include growing duckweed and algae, extracting starch from a potato, testing the energy value of different substances, and converting feedstocks to fuel. These activities are designed to help youth learn about fundamental scientific processes of photosynthesis, combustion, and fermentation.