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Managing Heat Stress in Horses

Independence Day is just around the corner, and while we are now headed into the “dog days of summer,” …

Let’s All Go to the Shows!

By now, you have likely heard the news. The 2016 Lee Regional Fair is here! This year the fair …

Let’em Graze!

Throughout Lee County you can find numerous pasture fields that are home to beef cattle, horses and goats. Here …

Don’t Have a Cow!

Here we are again with winter. As temperatures drop we need to consider how to adjust diet and management …

Recent Publications related to Animal Agriculture

Consider Breeding Your Does to Target Ethnic Holidays Where Goat Meat Is Part of the Traditional Holiday Feast

Many ethnic holidays include goat meat as part of traditional celebrations. This factsheet serves as …

4 days agoMeat Goat Notes

Co-Grazing Meat Goats and Beef Cattle Has Many Advantages

This factsheet presents several advantages to co-grazing meat goats and beef cattle.

4 days agoMeat Goat Notes

Modified McMaster's Fecal Egg Counting Technique

A guide to counting fecal eggs in meat goats, modified from the McMaster Procedure.

4 days ago


A Q&A on toxoplasmosis, a parasite that can cause disease in the placenta and developing …

4 days agoMeat Goat Notes

Foot Rot

A Q&A on foot rot, a contagious disease of the hooves of goats and sheep.

4 days agoMeat Goat Notes

Pink Eye or Infectious Keratoconjunctivitis

A Q&A on pink eye (infectious keratoconjunctivitis) in meat goats.

4 days agoMeat Goat Notes

Housing and Facilities for Meat Goats

This publication discusses housing and working facilities that will meet shelter needs for meat goats.

4 days agoMeat Goat Notes

Listeriosis in Your Herd

A Q&A on listeriosis in goats, including causes, symptoms, prevention and risk to humans.

4 days agoMeat Goat Notes