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Agriculture & Food

Extension and research at NC State address timely issues impacting our state. Extension delivers trusted information directly into the hands of farmers and agribusinesses, helping them translate knowledge into solutions that grow our economy and communities.

photos of high school art

Farm City Week Contest Results

Creative expression is important for our emotional & psychological well-being. 4-H offers opportunities to share creative work. This year J. Glenn Edwards and Lee …

Farm-City Week Activities

Join city and country folk as we celebrate our annual Farm-City Week. Farm-City Week in Lee County is November …

Time to Scout Your Pasture

I have received numerous phone calls over the past few weeks about armyworms in hay fields and pastures in …

Imagine the Possibilities

In recent years, we’ve heard a lot in the news about GMOs, also known as transgenic crops. Transgenic crops …

The Family Farm

While we have been working on the Reshaping the Landscape project, a constant theme in every story was the …

Time to Thank a Farmer

Farming has a long history in the United States, from techniques used by the Native Americans, to practices brought …

Beating the Fall Rush

We have fallen into Fall quite quickly here in Lee County and that means a few things but among …

Safe Pesticide Use

Whether you are a farmer, tending thousands of acres, or homeowner who wants to grow a successful garden or …

Safe Travels

As we get into the heart of summer vacation, more folks are on the road. But people aren’t the …

Invaders From Another Place

Invaders. A word that may conjure up thoughts of the movies, maybe images little green men with ray guns …

Cover photo for Join Sandhills Farm to Table!

Join Sandhills Farm to Table!

Enjoy boxes of fresh, delicious produce picked at peak ripeness from Sandhills Farms for your table. Deliveries are from …

Farming Is Risky Business

Sanford has been experiencing a lot of growth lately. New stores and services are popping up fast along Horner …

Recent Publications related to Agriculture & Food

Food Recovery and Waste Reduction

Increasingly, food service managers are choosing to recover and reuse food scraps and other organic …

Soil Fertility on Organic Farms

Throughout this manual we have discussed how organic farmers strive to build healthy soil in …

1 week agoCEFS

Soil Quality Considerations for Organic Farmers

In our drive to meet the food and fiber needs of ever-increasing populations, we are …

1 week agoCEFS
STLM pupa

Spotted Tentiform Leafminer

Spotten tentiform leafminer description, life history, damage, and control.

2 weeks ago
Tarnished plant bug

Tarnished Plant Bug

Tarnished plant bug description, life history, damage, and control.

2 weeks ago
Dogwood borer adult

Dogwood Borer

Dogwood borer description, life history, damage, and control.

2 weeks ago
Insidious plant bug

Insidious Plant Bug

Insidious plant bug description, life history, and predation.

2 weeks ago
RBLR adult

Redbanded Leafroller

Redbanded leafroller description, life cycle, damage, and control.

2 weeks ago