Public Speaking 2020

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2020 DAD winners

Mackenzie Roche – Bronze
Suzy Brito – Gold -> STATE
Cameron Hanna – Silver
Matthew Kerley – Gold -> STATE

Important due dates

July 13, Lee County Due Date for State Competition videos
For many years 4-H has encouraged millions of youth around the world to become proficient at public speaking. This communication skill allows the sharing of information and enhances the potential to motivate change. Inspiring fear in both young and old, public speaking is necessary for present and future success. The younger a person begins to practice at this important skill the more comfortable and less scary it will seem. Thankfully, due to the importance of this program we will be moving forward, even though it will look different.
All active and registered 4-H’ers can compete in this county level program. Team presentations are acceptable and will compete at the oldest competitor’s level. Creativity in technology will be required this year. Any technology will be ok as long as you can output in .mp4 or .mov, it is uncut, and the presenter can be seen at all times. If you will be competing in 4-H Entertains? Please upload your videos on the same form as your presentation video but honor the May 11th deadline. The 4-H Entertains will premier on Facebook at 6:00 p.m. on May 14th. 4-H Entertains will happen in the fall and will include group videos if COVID-19 restrictions allow.
You will be submitting an uncut video of yourself/your child giving a presentation, speech, or talent exhibition. You will submit your videos between now and 6 p.m. on MAY 14th via this google form.
YouTube videos are not accepted at the district level but we will accept them for Lee County Judging purposes. Videos need to be an mp4 or mov file and preferably under 10gb . Videos need to be single cut. You may begin submitting your videos today.
First time presenters need to choose a topic that is very familiar and comfortable for them to speak about. The point is to choose an enjoyable topic and speak knowledgeably about it. You/They need to work with parents, club leaders, and county representatives to develop and practice a five to twelve-minute presentation or five to seven-minute speech. Outdoor cooking will be offered in the fall. Before you begin please go over the rules and regs.

10 Tips for presenting in 2020

  1. You must be visible for the entirety of the video.
  2. Set your camera to record in HD and record your video horizontally.
  3. Use Airplane mode and Do Not Disturb to prevent surprise texts or messages.
  4. Have your camera sitting at eye level.
  5. To keep your eye contact constant put stickers on either side of your camera, drawing your eye to the right place. Don’t glance around the room.
  6. Move slowly when showing items during a demonstration and hold the item in front of the camera for a count of 4 seconds, using the high back of a chair to hold your arms steady if needed.
  7. Keep your backgrounds clear and non-distracting, a blank wall is best, but don’t press up against it. Be sure to have any light sources like windows or lamps in front of you.
  8. Outdoors is nice if there are no distracting noises like cars, dogs, or airplanes.
  9. Don’t wear bright white clothing or distracting patterns that don’t video well. Run a test recording to check audio, video, lens focus, clothing patterns, lighting, and perspective.
  10. If possible use the actual item and not photos on a poster. Take advantage of this opportunity to present from home. (no live animals, firearms, or an other normally restricted items)
After judging is completed, those participants whose 4-H age is 8-18 will have a chance to make adjustments, re-record and submit to district competitions by June 8th. (your 4-H age is determined by your age on January 1 of this year)
You must be registered in to participate in the public speaking program.