Eat and Drink Your Water

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Written by: Noa Borkan, Dietetic Intern

Summer is a time for fun in the sun, outdoor activities, and unfortunately, lots of dehydration and thirst as well. Drinking water is extra important this time of year with temperatures climbing up to extreme highs and added dangers of overheating and under-hydrating. Unfortunately, our body’s thirst signals do not alert us fast enough when we are dehydrated and you can already be dehydrated when you start feeling thirsty. Some of us are water fiends, but if you are like me, you might need extra help getting the water you need.

Hopefully you already have a water bottle you carry around. If not, this is the time to start making a habit of carrying around (and refilling!) a reusable water bottle. It is one of the easiest and best ways to remind yourself to keep drinking water. Also, do the planet a favor and get a reusable bottle. Bottled water is okay in a pinch, but it won’t help you make a habit of having water with you at all times and creates unnecessary waste.

What if water isn’t your thing? This can be a problem for a lot of us, we will drink water if we have to, but it’s not our favorite. Try spicing up your water with lemon, fresh herbs, or fruit. It can give your water an added boost. Try different combinations– mint and cucumber, orange and blueberry, pineapple, mint and ginger– the possibilities are endless! Cut up your fruit and chop up some herbs into a big pitcher and let the water soak in the flavor. Now you have something exciting and cold to drink for the whole day!

Sparkling water can even be an alternative, but soda is not. Avoid sugar-sweetened beverages to stave off unnecessary sugar and calories. Soda might have water as its first ingredient but it doesn’t have the same hydration benefits!

Finally, summer means fresh fruits and veggies are in season! Many of these have super high-water content and can help you make up your water for the day. Cucumbers, watermelon, grapefruit, cantaloupe, and peppers all have a ton of water in them. Snack on these to add some hydration in your day and make getting those 8 cups of water per day just a little easier!