4-H National Science Day: “Drone Discovery”

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Since 2008, 4‑H National Youth Science Day (NYSD) has engaged millions of youth around the world in exciting and innovative Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) learning experiences, from wind power to robotics to rocketry. This year, the 4‑H NYSD challenge is soaring to new heights with the 2016 National Science Challenge, Drone Discovery, developed by Cornell University Cooperative Extension.

This year’s hands-on science challenge explores the science behind drones and how they are being used to solve real world problems. Youth will learn everything from flight dynamics and aircraft types, to remote sensing and flight control, as well as safety and regulations.

While the official 4‑H NYSD event takes place today in Washington, D.C., clubs, groups and schools around the world are also inspiring the next generation of STEM leaders, all taking part in what is known as the world’s largest, youth-led science event.

Here in Lee County, local youth are putting what they know about engineering, drones and flight into action while taking part in this worldwide science phenomenon! We will be hosting a National Science Day event at the McSwain Center this afternoon, allowing local young people to watch their drone experiments take flight. Stay tuned for more exciting opportunities from Lee County 4-H in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math throughout the year!

Information for this article came from Kittrina Thompson on “4-H Today Blog” located on the National 4-H Website at: http://4-h.org/about/blog/get-ready-for-2016-4-h-national-youth-science-day/

Bill Stone is County Extension Director for North Carolina Cooperative Extension in Lee County.