Eat Smart Move More Weigh Less Clasess to Begin

— Written By Susan Condlin and last updated by Kay Morton

What does high blood pressure; stroke; high blood cholesterol; diabetes; cancer of the colon, rectum, prostate, gallbladder, breasts, uterus, ovaries; and a shorter life span have in common? Each one of these items is directly related to obesity, being overweight, or simply being FAT. Most of us have a few pounds we need to lose…but it’s hard to get started.

The Lee County Center of North Carolina Cooperative Extension will be starting “Eat Smart Move More Weigh Less” classes on Tuesday, January 27 at 12 Noon. This twelve-week weight management program will be held at the Cooperative Extension Center, 2420 Tramway Road in Sanford. “Eat Smart Move More Weigh Less” is a support group of individuals who are fighting the “losing” battle together.

There are no gimmicks or special items to buy. Through weekly lessons, participants will learn to select sensible foods and increase their physical activity in order to lose weight.

To qualify for the class, individuals must have at least ten pounds to lose. There is an enrollment fee of $30 for the class, which includes all materials. Well over 8,000 pounds have been lost through this program. The deadline for registering is Friday, January 23rd

For more information, contact Susan C. Condlin, County Extension Director, at 775-5624.