ECA Celebrates 100 Years!

— Written By Susan Condlin and last updated by Kay Morton

In 1913, Jane McKimmon organized home demonstration clubs in rural North Carolina as a way for women to learn together and create a strong affinity for neighbor and community. The concept was simple, give women an opportunity to learn skills that would provide ample food and generate additional income which could provide necessities for the entire family, educate their children and buy conveniences to make life easier. Though the name has changed over the years from Home Demonstration to Extension Homemakers and now Extension and Community Association, the goals are the same: improve family life, the community and the state.

North Carolina owes much of its success today to these women, past and present, who have volunteered their time and talents to N.C. Cooperative Extension and helped improve their communities over the past 100 years. This year, North Carolina’s Extension and Community Association celebrates 100 years of extraordinary service to this state. Members of the Lee County ECA, Central Electric Membership and the Extension Advisory Council attended the Centennial celebration of the Extension and Community Association held recently at the McKimmon Center at NCSU. Those attending were: 1st Row
Angela Jenkins, Nancy Gust, Sharon Raschke, Nicki Terry, Phyllis Andrews, Roland and Rita Armstrong, Martha Underwood, Mary and Jim Foster. 2nd Row:  Georgia Garner, Carol Cox, Sylvia Churchwell, Mildred Smith, Avron and Mary Upchurch and Susan Condlin